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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2010 7:30am-8:00am PST

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real progress has been made. this is good. it is all of their in real time. i want to thank everyone. two final things -- public right of way. i know we have had to be sued over and over again -- amen. sometimes you are happy to be sued because it gets you focused, realigns your values, so i'm acting like we were real leaders. you were the leaders holding our feet to the fire, but here's the good news -- 5100 new curb ramps in the last 100 years have been done, and we have all but doubled them. over 12,000 curve rams. i have to tell you -- seems like we're really fast tracking because i do not know if there is a corner in the city where we do not have some construction on a new curve ramp. i hope real progress is here, and bevan dufty is here, and i
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know how committed he is. if we could acknowledge him and thank him for making us honest in all this. final three points because i know you are sick of me and we have a lot of speakers, but it is important to talk about because you are important to talk about. in addition to curb ramps, we only have one intersection that was accessible with those pedestrian signals. now, we can confidently say that we lead the nation with 116 intersections and growing every single day. please give yourselves a round of applause for that. it is always good to lead the way. we have more work to do, but we are making progress. transportation. i know it is still not -- i get it. [laughter] man.
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i did that taxi task force. remember that one? a lot of you serve on that. i'm looking out here. we have increased by 20% the number of ramp taxis, and we went from a system of accessible buses a few years ago where there were only 409, and we have close to now doubled the number of accessible buses in our system, and that is good progress. again, we still have a lot more work to do. we had no digital voice announcements a few years ago. now, every single one -- they may not always be working, but every single one of our buses are now equipped with that technology, so good progress has been made there as well, and i hope you acknowledge that because we love to beat up that mta thatnat ford and the folks over there at muni -- mta and
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nat ford. round of applause to those who get beaten up all the time. [applause] the final point. housing. it is a big issue. it is the toughest issue of all, affordable housing in the city. we build more affordable housing than any time in our history. last 24 months, things have slowed down. because of your work, we've modernized the codes and our requirements. or 3100 units -- over 3100 units are fully accessible or adaptable. we have more under construction. this is an order of magnitude increase from where we were a decade of code -- ago.
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we have not forgotten our obligations on housing, transportation, right of ways, being prepared for emergencies, all the work we need to do, lead by example. until they kick me out, this will be a requirement. i know a lot of the board wants to get rid of me as mayor. i will not go until they make their chamber accessible to people with disabilities. that will be the final big effort we will engage in. [applause] thank you. keep up the good work. [applause] ♪
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